A 3rd Generation mobile data tool for public health programs

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links system is a proven effective data tool


Links Systems provides signifcant cost savings by utilizing cost-effective cloud-based hosting, leveraging inexpensive devices and materials, minimizing shipping, and reducing training requirements.


The database automatically synchronizes with data collection devices as soon as a internet connection is reached. Unlike paper-based collection methods that can take months and even years to collect and collate.


Data managers can identify and solve issues quicker as they watch the data collection process in real time. Issues can be resolved and sent back out to field workers immediately.


Survey featues like the logic checks survey flow and the summary overview before submission allow for data collection mistakes to be found and resoved before submission of the data.

The most impactful global health organizations are
collecting health data with LINKS

Features of LINKS and ODK


Supports Xforms, a standard format

Data Types

Survey files can include any data elements.

Special Workflow

Surveys can be designed with skip patterns and logical checks

Offline Support

Surveys can be collected completely offline

Language support

Surveys can be written to display in multiple languages

Features exclusive to LINKS

Expanded Localization

Support for localization within the application not just the survey files

Auto Sending

Auto send to server on save of survey (continue to try to send if no connection)

Record Summary

Before saving you are presented with a summary of the record

Data Loss Protection

If you try to exit a survey you have started you are warned you will lose the record

Customizable Branding

Custom logo within the app


Reduced menu items

Enahanced Support

New menu item option to display mobile website


Password protected functionality based on role

User Roles

Removed all editing features for defined users

Wifi Indicator

Internet access available notification bar

SQL Support

Ability to write 6 levels to database and select those data in other surveys

Please reach out to us to learn more how LINKS can help you do more with your data.

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